About Us

The Story.

Established in 2021 by the visionary founders of ARKEN OPTICS, Michael Benedict and Mike Reilly, Outlier was born from a shared passion for firearms and a commitment to quality without compromise. Located in Greenville, Texas, Outlier proudly manufacturers high quality barrels and rifle components right here in the U.S.A. With 99% of our materials/parts sourced domestically, we uphold the highest standards of American craftmanship.

The Team.

Our team is compromised of industry experts, including top talent from the barrel manufacturing sector, veteran engineers, and experienced shooters. All of us are passionate about firearms (regular hunters, match participants, and/or target shooters) and are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The Materials.

Throughout every aspect of our manufacturing process, from start to finish, we select materials that not only ensure high quality but also guarantee long-lasting durability. We make our barrels from premium grade stainless steel, which is carefully selected by our team to meet the standards set forth by our Shoot-Out Guarantee. Additionally, our chassis are crafted from aircraft grade aluminum (T6061), offering great stability and reliability. For all other components, we maintain similar standards, ensuring that each part meets our criteria for quality and durability. This commitment shows our dedication to delivering products that exceed expectations in both performance and longevity.

The Process.

At Outlier, precision is paramount. Our barrels undergo a meticulous process right in our own shop. Each one is drilled, reamed, honed, buttoned, and hand-lapped to perfection, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Our chassis come from innovation and quality craftsmanship, reflecting our commitment to precision and functionality. Additionally, all our other parts undergo similar design and manufacturing processes, ensuring that every component meets our standards for quality and durability.

Outlier brings all of these elements together in a final presentation aimed at serving you, providing high quality at an affordable price.

Built for YOUR next shot