Next-Level Recoil Control: The RiZero Self-Timed Muzzle Brake

The RiZero isn’t just another part for your rifle; it’s a meticulously crafted extension.  Designed by shooters, for shooters, it was engineered with a goal in mind: Deliver unmatched precision and performance.

Uncompromising control:

Experience up to 90% reduction in muzzle rise with the innovative 30-degree vertical baffle. This allows for faster follow-up shots, tighter shot groups, and better control during extended shooting sessions. The RiZero’s amazing recoil mitigation allows you to maintain your sight picture effortlessly, allowing for consistency and accuracy with every shot.

Built to conquer the elements:

Constructed from rugged 416R stainless steel, the RiZero is built to withstand the harshest environments and rigorous shooting conditions without sacrificing performance. The self-timing feature eliminates the need for constant adjustments, ensuring the brake locks securely in place for worry-free shooting and maximum focus on your target.

Your investment in precision:

The RiZero Self-Timed Muzzle Brake is an investment in your rifle. It’s a testament to your dedication to shooting and a powerful tool designed to elevate your shot to the next level.

Additional information

Weight N/A

5/8" x 24 (Clamp), 1/2" x 28 (Crush Washer)


Stainless, Nitride


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