At a featherweight 1lb 3.6oz, Outlier’s Light Stock frees you up in the field. The benefit of lightness and strength lets you dominate any shooting situation.

Tailor your comfort and precision with the Light Stock’s adjustable cheek height. Perfect eye alignment with your scope is a must, no matter your shooting style – long-range or tactical. Every shot finds its mark.

The Light Stock further optimizes your fit with an adjustable length of pull. It caters to all physiques and shooting techniques. Tighter shot groups and enhanced control become second nature, elevating your performance.

Lastly, the Light Stock integrates seamlessly with optional attachments like QD sling mounts and bag riders (sold separately) for a fully customized experience.


Additional information

Weight 19.6 oz
Dimensions 11.75 × 2 × 5.25 in

+ Single Bag Rider (2.8 oz)

Weight 2.8 oz

+ Monopod Bag Rider (2.9 oz)

Weight 2.9 oz

+ Wedge Bag Rider (2.6 oz)

Weight 2.6 oz

+ Heavy Bag Rider (15.3 oz)

Weight 15.3 oz

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