Outlier’s Standard Stock, a great option that lands in between the Heavy Stock and the Light Stock, striking the ideal ratio between durability/agility. Made to function very well in the most demanding shooting environments, it is robust and lightweight (23 oz).

The cheek riser on the Standard Stock lets you modify your configuration for best comfort and alignment of your vision. Regardless of your level of experience – long range or tactical – this function guarantees exact eye-to-scope alignment, improving accuracy with each shot.

Furthermore, customizing the stock to suit shooters of varied sizes and preferences is the adjustable length of pull. Gain better handling and control, which boosts overall performance allowing for the availability of tighter shot groups.

The Standard Stock also works with optional attachments including QD mounts for slings and bag rider attachments (sold separately). This adaptability lets you customize your setup to meet your particular shooting requirements and guarantees the highest possible field efficiency.


Additional information

Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 2 × 5.25 in

+ Single Bag Rider (2.8 oz)

Weight 2.8 oz

+ Monopod Bag Rider (2.9 oz)

Weight 2.9 oz

+ Wedge Bag Rider (2.6 oz)

Weight 2.6 oz

+ Heavy Bag Rider (15.3 oz)

Weight 15.3 oz

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