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Outlier Stock Systems (O.S.S.)

Outlier Stock Systems (O.S.S.) deliver superior strength and adjustability for a custom fit and maximized comfort, allowing you to focus on the shot and not the stock.

RiZero Muzzle Brake (Self-Timing)

Experience noticeable recoil reduction with the RiZero Muzzle Brake. Crafted in the U.S.A. from heat-treated 416R steel, it delivers the recoil control that you need with exceptional durability.

Precision Skeleton Grip

Control. Comfort. Confidence.

Get the full potential out of your Modular Micro-Chassis (M.M.C.) with the Outlier Precision Skeleton Grip. Experience the difference a great grip makes.

Introducing the Outlier Modular Micro-Chassis (M.M.C.) fitted with our Pre-Fit Precision Barrels.

A must have for Precision Shooters demanding the ultimate in accuracy and performance.

Outlier Precision Pre-Fit Barrels

Outlier Modular Micro-Chassis

Outlier Stock System

Outlier RiZero Muzzle Brake

Our Commitment

Outlier’s Lifelong
Commitment to Quality

At the forefront of our craft is the promise to produce products that are not just reliable, but lifelong allies. You entrust your safety to these tools, and in turn, we dedicate ourselves to unwavering quality and dependability.

“We are pushing the limits every day to bring dependable function at an affordable cost.”
Mike Reilly Co-Founder and Team Lead

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